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News 10.02.2021

VERO is introducing its new website

Through aspirations to develop the translation industry and shape the new language service providers in Azerbaijan, VERO Translation has launched an updated website designed by Marcom Marketing and Communications.

VERO Translation CEO Ali Ahmadov commented on the completed project: “We appreciate our partnership with Marcom. I am glad that in addition to supporting us in the successful completion of the project, they informed us about the technical specificities of the project. I think this is just the beginning, and we will undoubtedly expand our collaboration. Marcom's unique solutions and monetization in the translation sector are in line with our plans. We are interested in continuing to work together in this direction."

According to Marcom CEO Jeyhun Farzaliyev, the first phase of the project has been completed. “It is critical for us to develop a web project that meets Google standards in the field of translation. Throughout the project implementation, we have tried to take into account as much as possible the rules of conduct of users and the corporate philosophy of our client. The admin panel we set up for VERO has 90% functionality capacity, which further increases the customer's liberty to make changes to the site. We look forward to starting SEO optimization to get the site to the top of the Google search engine at the next stage.”

One of the main principles of VERO Translation is to invest massively in both technology and human capital in the translation business in Azerbaijan. The company provides written and oral interpretation services to both government and private companies in the local market.

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