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About us

Professional translators founded the company, now known as VERO, in 2016 under the name of "ING Translations". Over the past period, having provided high-level services to many international and domestic organizations, consulting companies, and government agencies, since 2020, the company decided to continue its activities under the name of VERO.

VERO, with a team of professional translators of European and Eastern languages in a short time, began offering translation services to the clients in technical, oil and gas, economic, legal, marketing, IT, website localization, and other areas.

The long-term individual translation activity of the company's founders and a well-developed strategy accelerated the company's development. Today regardless of the type of enterprises and organizations, the company's primary goal is to maintain the principle of a "professional approach". 

As a company, we set out believing that we can succeed in business. First we formed our mission, then the values. It will help us see our goals in the translation field more clearly and be more transparent at work.

Individual approach

In the translation field, the expression "treat everyone individually" fits better than an

Terminology and definition

We know very well that every field has its terminology. We look through all the options to

A variety of translators

We are aware of the increasing number of translators in the market. However, we know who a

Professional editing

Even though everyone knows the mother tongue, those who know all the subtleties of this la


We evaluate the work based on volume and complexity. The foundation of our pricing policy

We listen to you carefully

For us, the customer is always the most important advisor of the company. The feedback all

We deliver on time

The mechanism of proper time management has a special place in our work. Just as time is g


We invest in technology to ensure privacy. As a result, you can rest assured that your dat