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Consecutive Interpretation

Interpreting a speech consecutively and correctly is a particular talent. We have acquired it as a necessary skill to convey people's consistently sharp and fluent speech in the same manner. During the consecutive translation, the speaker pauses at a certain point and lets the interpreter interpret the speech to the audience. The interpreter usually begins to interpret the idea every 2-5 sentences. The interpreter notes the keywords and tries to convey the speaker's idea.

Consecutive interpretation directions:

- Oil and gas; 
- Development projects;
- Justice and judicial system;
- Agriculture;
- Information technology; 
- Healthcare;
- Economy;
- Financial and securities market;
- Environment;
- Industrial;
- Tourism and hospitality.


  • We analyze the topic

    To do more quality work, we analyze the event we participated in as a translation service provider. We make preparation and ensure we are ready for the event.

  • We choose wisely

    We use our database to carefully select the translator who will provide the consecutive interpretation at your event. Your reputation is essential.

  • We direct

    To convey the event's content to the participants more accurately, we guide the interpreter beforehand. This is our approach to all assignments.

  • We listen to you

    We always seek to improve our services. For this purpose, after the event, we collect your feedback on our services.

Note: The points mentioned above are the main steps during the implementation of the translation service. For more information, please contact us.

Advantages of the service:

  • We analyze

    Before starting the process, we communicate with the speaker about the ideas to be translated. This helps us to be on the same page during the translation.

  • We convey the idea

    The main goal of this service is to convey the idea timely and accurately to the audience. We understand your point and translate it accurately.

  • We support

    Frequently, the speakers may have difficulty when expressing their ideas. We assist them in avoiding these pauses between sentences when they are searching for the right word and help and streamline their speech.

  • We receive feedback

    Our job is not just to translate consecutively. To further improve our work, we receive feedback from the opposite side about our strengths and weaknesses.

Your business deserves the best translation service

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The above mentioned are the main stages during the implementation of the translation service. For more information, please contact us.