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Desktop Publishing Services

Even though Desktop Publishing (DTP) is considered a new service for many domestic market actors, it has a significant role in the global translation market. Within this service framework, the translation company also redesigns the visuals in the materials provided by the customer and makes relevant changes. DTP service is much more used in the translation of projects or technical documents. Because the volume of the words or sentences on the image is changed after the translation, there is a need to change the design or design it from scratch. 


Note: The points mentioned above are the main steps during the implementation of the translation service. For more information, please contact us.

Advantages of the service:

  • We keep the authenticity

    We use all our technical strength to maintain the originality of the images or graphics in your materials.

  • We make your work easier

    We perform all the editing and correction of the sentences to save time and add value to your image.

  • We identify

    After the translation, we put all the parts of the material in the same format so that readers' eyes don't get tired.

  • We restore

    We find and restore fonts that cannot be read electronically through specially licensed software.

  • We visualize

    We make suggestions for the visuals on the translated materials to meet the modern design standards.

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