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Medical Translation

Just as human health should not be risked, we maintain this principle when translating medical documentation. Few translators in the country specialize in this field. One should be aware of how the entire process is structured and how to work with the translators. It is likewise critical to be able to sort the information and submit it in a right format 

Medical translation directions:

  • Medical equipment manuals;
  • Pharmaceutical formulations;
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at international conferences;
  • Medical brochures and journals;
  • Medical reports and certificates;
  • Epicrisis, prescriptions, and test results.

Advantages of the service:

  • Latin language skills

    Our translators are familiar with the common Latin vocabulary and abbreviations applied in the healthcare industry.

  • The handwriting of a doctor

    Besides the pharmacists who can read the medical prescriptions, we also got our medical translators ready to decipher the message.

Your business deserves the best translation service

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